I, Akash Kava, born on Friday 28th December 1979, at Amreli in Gujarat State of India. I studied at J.D.T. School (Sanskar Society, Malad) in Mumbai and I did Computer Science engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering and passed out in year 2001.

I am more fascinated about Science and Technology, and in order to create innovative platform, I decided to create one of my own, and joined little uphill battle to form my own corporation NeuroSpeech, which took 8 years and the innovation is now in progress.

I started my career in computer programming, I first learned PASCAL, its great language for anyone to begin programming, and then once I got grip on architecture of computing, I came at stage where language, platform does not matter anymore.

I wrote Erp Objects, a powerful ORML tool in order to overcome SQL problems and now doing research on creating compiled databases and native translations of data queries. More you can find in the technology related pages on this website.

Well apart from programming, I also love creating new designs and computer graphics, I love presentations and my quote is…

10% Errors are assumed, but 10% bad presentation is not

And I sure love music, god knows how earlier people used to survive without music, I need music as I need oxygen and sure I also love to create new music too.

I don’t hate sports, but I love the sports that is free from politics and involve pain free nature exploration.

My Quotes:

10% Errors are assumed, but 10% bad presentation is not.

Bargaining is just an intelligent way of begging.

Everybody wants, hero is the one who gives.


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