Apple announces iPad, a bigger version of iPod Touch. With a big screen of 1024×786 pixels. And it comes with basic need of surfing internet and be online. So called magical and revolutionary device does not support Flash and Silverlight yet. And most of business apps today, built upon RIA are running either on Flash or on Silverlight. And IT Devs are heavily investing in RIA technologies due to snail speed of WWW group. However, the device can replace a laptop for most of users who just spend time on internet doing their regular business, studies or entertainment. So lets analyze what will be future of Web for different type of users.


Today students need a good web browser and an internet with lot of social media websites to study, interact, entertain and play games. Apple iPad is a best bet for students. Do they really care that it does not support Flash and Silverlight yet? Answer is no. They will certainly buy iPad, come to the website, and if it has Flash or Silverlight, they will call website’s support instead of Apple’s support and say,

Your website is not working on my iPad.

Sales Reps and Business Owners

Looking at the cost, and attractive looks, Sales Reps and Business Owners will buy iPad because they usually do not type anything great whole day, all they do is, look at websites, present demos (which are powerpoint or keynote), and access their office through online business portals. For all these purpose they will be very happy with iPad. However, once they come to your business app through online portal, they cant see Flash or Silverlight, they are not going to call apple support. They will call IT devs and say,

What the hell IT devs are doing, cant they make our business app work on iPad?

Independent Professionals

Independent professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Photographers, Actors .. anyone who probably does not sit in front of PC for more then 2 hours a day, will certainly like to get rid of big laptop bag with 4-10 external wires and device connectors. All what they do mostly is, check their emails, surf the websites, fill simple forms on some business web apps and which they can do it on iPad. Today iPad may not have great drawing tools but some professional apps on App store will certainly provide capability of tagging, drawing and marking tools needed by these professionals. Today lot of business applications are on Flash and new ones are coming on silverlight. But iPad will not support !! , once again, they will pickup the phone to vendor and say,

Your website is not working on my iPad.

Who needs any of following?

pc_vs_macClerks,  Graphics/Media artist and IT Developers, which comprises of small part of computer users. Because their applications and workspace requires bigger screens and multiple devices, connectivity and computing performance. Apple’s iPad will be useful only to test the business apps and for other entertainment to this group.

It seems iPad will spread in Home Entertainment, Education and Independent Professional sectors very fast because of low cost solution. And that will shake the developer community.

Troubles for IT Devs

  1. Current investment in Flex or Silverlight is at stake, as usage of mobile devices is increasing heavily, supporting business apps on these devices will not be possible until device OS creators, Adobe or Microsoft work towards supporting RIA technologies.
  2. Silverlight/Flex are heavy and costly to run on battery based devices, they will consume more cpu and battery to create consumption problems.
  3. Rewriting apps in light HTML5 is a big challenge, training, planning and supporting all existing modules will be a big pain. However looks like World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been sleeping for 10 years to create features of RIA required today. Need of consumers were high, that created innovations like DHTML, Flash and Silverlight, and the problem was, W3C never observed in market what consumers (Internet users) really need.
  4. Even if you decide to invest heavily on iMac and decide to make apps that can run on iPad, your Apps are at mercy of Apple Employee doing approval, here is the funny process.


Death of Free and Open Internet

IT Devs will slowly loose the independence over distributing apps against open free internet distribution. Today any release, distribution of media (song, movie, play) etc are controlled by major Labels.

If The  Intelligence will be controlled by major Labels in IT with narrow route to success by Apple, Google, Microsoft etc giants, then the growth we saw in last decade in IT industry will slow down very rapidly and independent innovators will become slaves to major labels.

Will Bubble of RIA Burst now?

Once again, just like Dot Com, if RIA (Flex/Silverlight) Bubble bursts and all IT Devs will be blamed again.

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Current Problems of Windows 7 for Developers

On September 13, 2009, in Programming, Technology, by Akash Kava

After visiting Microsoft TechNet Seminar everyone was quite excited about Windows 7 and everyone was saying that Windows 7 is far better then Vista and its now ready to go alive. I did stick to my plan of upgrading my development machine to Windows 7 only after Service Pack 1 arrives. But everybody argued that no its ready for developers even. Fine I tried to install it on my laptop which I rarely use for development and here is the experience.

It took drivers and it was pretty faster then Vista as far as installation goes, but then immediately I found two problems.

Move Files Progress Bar Bug

I took backup on my other D drive and I have both administrator and basic user and while copying files back on basic user I found this bug. When you are trying to move files, and if you are an administrator and it doesnt need any UAC permissions then you can see progress bar as shown below.


But if your destination folder/drive requires some UAC permission then the UAC dialog box comes and when you accept everything after that the progress bar no longer displays progress as shown below.


This happens if you try to copy something into windows/program files or anywhere for some other users when running from basic user.

And we have to wait endlessly for this window to get closed automatically and that probably proves that operation was successful.

I am really disappointed to see bugs on very critical operations like file operations are most crucial. Even on Vista, Move operation did not work correctly as it did not delete the source files/folders and that leaves us with confusion.

Canceling Move Operation Creates Inconsistencies

While the Move operation is on, if you decide to cancel, you are left in bad position because then you are left with half files from old location and half in new. Sure its not great problem as we can consolidate immediately.

Cant Install Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)

This is really great bug, because on development machine, we really cant live without RSAT. We need them to manage servers. I found this link from live search, RSAT for Windows 7 . When I try to install this update it gave this error message “This update is not applicable for your computer”. Further more in Event Viewer, I got this message.

Windows update  could not be installed because of error 2149842967

I did report this bug to lot of places, hope it gets resolved soon, but I think on Microsoft Download website they should put some feedback about the item being downloaded.

Visual Studio 2008 Installation Problems

I am not sure whether VS 2008 installed successfully or not, because although it said it was successful, there were certain errors in Event Viewer.

Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU — Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.Windows.Design,
Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0×80070005. assembly interface: IAssemblyCacheItem, function: Commit, component: {7A515F16-7D3F-4A41-910A-E704ABC9E8CA}

I havent yet started using VS on 7 but I will soon and I am sure there will be many problems.

Cant Install Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1

However when I tried to install Visual Studio 2008 Serivce Pack 1, it didnt install and gave following errors in log.

Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU – Update ‘KB945140′ could not be installed. Error code 1603.

And another error at the last,

Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU – Update ‘Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Design-Time Components for x86 – KB947888′ could not be installed. Error code 1603. Additional information is available in the log file C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Temp\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1_20090913_140916022-Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition – ENU-MSP0.txt.

Cant Install SQL 2008 Management Tools

I tried to install SQL 2008 Management Tools, it gave me compatibility issue and warned me that you must install SQL 2008 SP 1, I agreed. And I went ahead with installation and Installation stopped because Visual Studio 2008 SP 1 was not installed.

Cant Instal SQL 2008 Tools


I think I am on conclusion that Windows 7 is not yet ready for Developers and they should wait for Windows 7 SP1 to arrive.  And it should only be used by Testing Teams to test the products.

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