Captcha – What do you really see?

On May 14, 2011, in Programming, by Akash Kava

I was trying to login to my Windows Live account and I may have mistyped my password but next screen locked me out for nearly 4 times asking me more and more difficult captchas.


What is Captcha?

Well there are some dirty people who write automated programs to login to website and steal data, so website owners needed something to identify the user as Human or Program. And they made Captcha, a real painful way to prove that I am a human.

Captcha Implemented wrongly on Windows Live

Now I have no way to know whether the password I typed was wrong or the captcha went wrong? Because the error message says,

Type your password and characters in the picture correctly.

So even after nearly 4th effort I posted this blog, because I have no idea what is this. I can figure out first character is probably X or it is a and e. Second character could be anything, A or n or even U for that matter.

Image Captcha is bad

I feel Image Captcha is very bad, I hear from senior citizens that they just cant read and cant understand what is it.

Bad Captcha Implementations


Windows Live

Great, just after my experience with Captcha, I posted this blog, that my second attempt of entering password got me feel guilty and I was presented to certify myself as a human.


It is website where we ask and answer questions, always if I have answered and I may have realized spelling or semantic mistake and I go back to edit it quickly, this website turns on me thinking I am an evil computer program and posts me back a CAPTCHA thinking that it is very rare for a human to click and edit and correct spelling or words within 10 seconds.

I want to add more painful captcha implementations in this post so guys help me adding your own experiences.

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Setup MySQL 5.1 Replication on Windows Servers

On June 25, 2010, in Programming, by Akash Kava

This article illustrates step by step procedure of how to setup MySQL Master to Slave Asynchronous Replication with MySQL 5.1 Server and with MySQL Workbench tools 5.2 on Windows Server.


You need to download MySQL from the corresponding download location and install “Windows Installer Package” and make sure you install the edition with Server configuration wizard and configure your server accordingly.

You have to setup 2 servers, one as Master and one as Slave, and both must be accessible via TCP/IP to each other.

Also configure Workbench to open localhost connection for administration.

Configure Bin Log on Master

Open configuration on Master and setup following options in Log Files to configure bin log.


Configure Master Server ID


Configure Replication User ID on Master

In order for Slave to access your server, you must setup a user “replication_user” (you can choose your own name) and give replication access as shown in picture.MySQL-Replication-Master-User

Configure Replication Slave Server ID

Now go to your Slave server and set its Server ID as shown below.


Configure Replication Settings on Slave

This is the last step to configure your Slave server, please make sure you enter correct address of your Master server and username and password as shown below. Just tick the Master info file name and give a path of file on any folder, even if file does not exist, dont worry, it will be created automatically by slave server.


Start Slave

The final step is to open query browser and run the query “START SLAVE”.

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